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I just sent this blast:

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ISSUE: As an author of Faithful Life you sell your books through multiple avenues. One of those avenues is  ~ we have listed your book(s) on Amazon for you. Amazon probably sells your books for less than the retail price. Discounted prices of your book can be found on other sites, too. What we are seeing is that thrifty shoppers are going to these discounted sites to purchase your books rather than buying them directly through you or us (Faithful Life).

You will make the most money selling your book through your own methods. The second best way to see the most profit is by your books being sold through us. We only take $1 per sold book for our services like this. The following list shows what you receive for your $1 fee for each book sold.

  • Website presence on
  • Credit card sales through our website or over the phone
  • Ordering, printing, and shipping of all individual book orders
  • Coordination of each sale whether through our site, bookstores, other websites, etc.
  • Accumulation of your earnings, placed into your FLP account
  • Sales Reports generated when royalties are paid
  • Royalty payments sent out on a quarterly basis, when there is $10+ to be paid
  • Personal attention given to you and your requests

THOUGHT: The Faithful Life website lists titles to sell at the retail price marked on the back of each book. We are wondering if we should lower the website price to compete with discount sites? We wouldn’t suggest matching their lowest price, just an overall lower price.

QUESTION: Would you be in favor of lowering your books sale price on our website? We can handle this on an individual basis. If you do not want us to do this, then nothing changes. If you would like to lower the sale price on your title(s) you need to let us know. What price do you want your book to sell for on our site?

Click on this link to see a sample of sales and discount pricing:

At the top of the page will be listed the SALE PRICE. Reading down through the text you will note that we also provide further discount prices if a large volume of copies are ordered at one time. The website handles all of these prices when the customer places their quantity in the shopping cart.

The initial discount is 6% off retail. From there we used 4%, 9%, 14%, and 19% to figure out the sequential discount levels.

THOUGHTS? I would like to hear from each one of you. Send your personal thoughts to 

Jim Wendorf ~ 239.652.0135

Replies to this Topic

One author writes: I see what your saying about competing with the lower-priced sellers on Amazon, but I hoped to recoup the money I spent to make the book.  I wonder if you could have a time frame.  For example:  after a year, we will discount your book 4% after 15mo, we will discount it 9% and so forth.

You control the sale of your specific book through our site. We are glad to do this now or down the road OR not at all. Keep in mind, when a customer orders through our site we typically print & ship the number of books they want. The customer pays for these books to be printed and shipped ~~ you receive the profit without spending a dime on these sales. This is also true for books sold through Amazon and the like.

Recouping your investment will happen faster when you sell books yourself. Selling through discounted sites means selling more books, for less profit, over a longer period of time. Amazon is not a bad sales tool. You want your book on Amazon. I have been saying for a long time now that I personally wouldn't promote the fact that "my" book is available through Amazon. Ideally, you want most of your sales to come through your hands or ours.


HI Jim,this is Charlotte Sharpe. I don't have anything published yet but if I did I would have to be in agreement with selling my book at a discount site. I want my book to be in as many hands as possible. I think children and also grownups need to read it because I think it puts a new light on the birth of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. I've had many to tell me that the story needs to be made into an animated movie with the song, Jasper on the sound track. I have other stories about Jesus and Jasper and also songs to go with the stories. I have a dream about children reading the stories and singing the Jasper songs. So yes,yes,yes sell them through a discount house. If I only made a penny off each book and it accomplished what the Lord wanted that penny would be millions.

                                                     Love in Jesus Christ, Charlotte Sharpe

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